Dear Friends of Middle Mountain Interpretive Hikes:


MMIH has made the difficult decision, based on current COVID-19 statistics for the local Yuba-Sutter community, to cancel its "normal" 2021-spring-hiking season in the Sutter Buttes.  Please refer to our President's current spring-newsletter message for a more detailed explanation of this cancellation.  This message may be found by clicking the "Newsletter" tab (located right above this letter).


As you all know, COVID vaccines are being distributed and soon the danger of contracting the disease will lessen.  Rest assured, MMIH is going to keep watching and waiting for that highly anticipated time for when it is safe to once again hike in the Sutter Buttes.  When this occurs, a hiking schedule will be posted here on our website.  And take note, when those lovely spring flowers and trees start to blossom, remember to visit this website, once again, for the slight possibility that …  just maybe (due to less COVID-19 risk) … you will find an “open-for-reservation” hike eagerly awaiting your registration.  That is our springtime wish for you and all of us at MMIH!


To receive immediate hiking E-news and updates sent directly to your inbox, go to the "Contact Us" tab and send a message that you would like to receive E-News from MMIH.


In the meantime, stay healthy and safe!

With hiking regards,

The MMIH Board


The fall season schedule is posted around October 7; the spring around February 7.



Event Ratings are a guideline to help you to choose an outing that matches your fitness and ability.
Distance and elevation gain are dependent on the outing, the property, and the guide.

1 Boot = Easy: One to three miles and less than 300 feet elevation gain/loss.

2 Boot = Moderate: Two to five miles and generally less than 600 feet elevation gain/loss.

3 Boot = Moderately Challenging: Four to seven miles with the possibility of multiple elevation gains/losses of 600-1000 ft.

4 Boot = Difficult: Four to seven miles and/or elevation gains/losses, likely in excess of 1000 feet.

5 Boot = Strenuous: Four to eight miles with multiple and/or significant elevation gains/losses.

6 Boot = Extreme: Five OR fourteen miles with multiple and significant elevation gains/losses.