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The World's Smallest Mountain Range

Maps name the captivating 1.6 million-years old volcanic peaks as the “Sutter Buttes.” Middle Mountain Interpretive Hikes offers homage to the indigenous name of the spiritually vital “Mountains in the Middle” rising dramatically from the center of the Sacramento Valley. Views from afar inspire closer visits through a 60-minute drive, 45-mile bike ride, or a memorable hike within the Buttes 10-mile-wide range.



Thank you for visiting our Middle Mountain Interpretive Hikes (MMIH) website!  

For your calendar information, our guided hikes of the Sutter Buttes will not be offered again until the 2024-25 Fall/Winter Open Hike Season begins.


Please note that our upcoming Fall Schedule will be announced in early October. And the 2025 Spring Schedule will be announced in early February. 

We look forward to sharing our future Sutter Buttes hiking adventures with you! 

With thanks & best regards,

- Middle Mountain Interpretive Hikes


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Here are three ways to experience the Sutter Buttes:

Drive or cycle around them; schedule a spring/fall/winter hiking adventure with Middle Mountain Interpretive Hikes;
or visit the Sutter County Museum.


People are drawn to the Sutter Buttes, whether they live in the area or are just passing through. They are a ten-mile wide circle of volcanic peaks that are dramatically isolated in the center of the Sacramento Valley.

There are a series of county roads that circle the Sutter Buttes and Pass Road actually goes through them on the south side. The loop is about 45 miles. There is no other public access. There are no hiking trails, picnic areas, or public parks.



Middle Mountain Interpretive Hikes offers guided interpretive outings on several properties in the interior of the Sutter Buttes. These outings are held from late October through early-May. They are posted on this website in early October for the Fall Season and early February for the Spring. Outings are $35 per person unless otherwise stated in the description. Sign up or call/text 530-370-4777 and leave a message.



The Sutter County Museum has a wealth of information about the Sutter Buttes, as well as a relief map, which allows close study of the peaks and valleys. The Museum is located at 1333 Butte House Road in Yuba City.  (530) 822-7141  Website


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Donations are welcome at Middle Mountain Interpretive Hikes, a 501c3 non-profit organization.

To donate, send a check (made payable to MMIH) to P.O. Box 3613, Yuba City, CA 95992.  Thank you!


Middle Mountain Interpretive Hikes advances the understanding of the
natural and cultural features of the Sutter Buttes through interactive
educational activities for schoolchildren and the public.

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