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Middle Mountain Interpretive Hikes provide access to the privately-owned Sutter Buttes valleys, hillsides, and peaks. Guides share its unique origin and history and examine with you a natural ecology that has become increasingly rare in our time. The different hikes and diverse guides each offer a singular experience in the Buttes.

All of our hikes are educational experiences. The hikes are offered most weekends from late October through mid-May, in two seasons and require pre-registration. The fall season schedule is posted around October 7 and the spring around February 7. We do not hike on these working ranches in the summer because of the higher fire danger.

A typical day in the Buttes begins at 8:00 am and ends around 3:30 pm (unless otherwise stated). Trips are scheduled and will proceed in all but the most severe weather conditions. Participants of all hikes should be prepared to expect uneven footing, stepping over rocks and boulders, crossing streams, and hill climbing. Spring hikers are likely to encounter wet, squishy, ankle-deep grass, while fall trekkers will be contending with thistles and stickers. There are no groomed trails. Poison oak is abundant, but you will be warned of its proximity. Mosquitos are often present unless there has been a recent freeze. Rattlesnakes, though common in the warmer weather, are usually reclusive and inactive during our hiking seasons. No smoking/vaping and no pets are allowed on the properties. Hikes are limited to 20 unless otherwise stated.

Individuals and families may reserve a date for one of the public or open hikes/events by email; or leave a message at 530-370-4777.

Cost for open hikes is $35 per person unless otherwise stated. The fee is used to pay the guides, reimburse the landowners, and for liability insurance. Any remainder is used for our hike-related expenses and education work.

Some hikes are acceptable for smaller children, but many are not. We find that no hikes are appropriate for toddlers. We suggest that hikes rated 3 or 4 may be suitable for children 12 or older, but it depends on the child and the hike. Please inform the hike coordinator when making your reservations if you are considering bringing children.

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