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The 2024 Spring Charter Hike Season is full. A limited number of reservations are now being accepted for our 2024-25 Fall-Winter Charter Hikes and into Spring 2025. Typically, Charter Hikes are scheduled at least one hike season ahead of the current one.

Charter hikes cost $300 for up to 10 hikers and $30 for each additional hiker, with a maximum of 20. To arrange a charter (private/custom) hike, email: or call/text: 530-301-7371.

The selected date will be by mutual agreement between the coordinator, the landowner, the group, and the guide.

The Charter Hike allows the hikers more flexibility to design the type of outing they prefer, including start and end times, as well as difficulty level.

For more information on our Charter Hikes please complete the form below:

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